How do I look up a charge that I don't recognize on my statement?

Doubleknot provides online services for nonprofit organizations including zoos, museums, science centers, nature centers, botanical gardens and scout councils. If you registered for a camp or an event at one of our clients’ web sites, the charge may appear on your credit card statement as a charge to Doubleknot, Inc.
If you still don’t recognize the charge, follow these steps to look it up:
  1. Go to our online lookup tool at
  2. In the Transaction Date field, enter the date of the transaction in MM/DD/YYYY format.
  3. In the Amount field, enter the exact amount of the transaction.
  4. In the Last four digits of credit card or account number, enter the last four digits of the credit card or account used for the transaction.
  5. Click Find. Information about the transaction will be displayed.
If you still can’t find the charge or you have additional questions, call us at (408) 971-9120 between 7 AM and 5 PM Pacific. 

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