Services Included with Your Subscription
The following Doubleknot services are offered free of charge:
  • Initial Training. Whenever your organization adds a Doubleknot module, we’ll provide comprehensive training as part of the initial startup package.
  • Email and Telephone Support. Doubleknot provides unlimited email support to all trained administrators and telephone support to the primary administrator.
  • Configuration Review. After your team has completed training, the Doubleknot support team will review any event, program, camp, survey, newsletter or membership that you create to ensure that the configuration meets your requirements and is easy for constituents to use. We’ll review all the settings including discounts, payment schedules, billing reminders and custom forms.
  • Doubleknot Service Overview. Doubleknot is a powerful integrated tool for managing almost every aspect of your organization. When new executives, directors or senior staff come on board or after an organizational change, your staff might not realize the scope and power of Doubleknot's solutions. And, if your organization is only using one of Doubleknot’s features, you might not know what other features are available that are included with your subscription. (For example, did you know that online donations and integrated checkout donation requests are already built in to your subscription?) We will provide a customized overview and demo of your current service to introduce (or re-introduce) personnel to Doubleknot’s powerful features, explain how your organization already uses Doubleknot and discuss ways that your organization can realize additional benefits from Doubleknot’s integrated product suite.
  • Interactive Webinars. Doubleknot frequently offers educational webinars on best practices, upcoming features and enhancements and other topics of interest. Attendees can ask questions that the presenter will answer in real time. (Past webinar videos are available online after you log on to Doubleknot with your administrator account.)
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